Boar bristle round brush

Using a round hair brush and a hair dryer to add swirl and life to your hair. It can be a challenge to get a good result that look natural and beautiful. We have all played with a brush and our moms hair dryer when we where 12 years old but hopefully we now have the techniques so much under control that we can focus on the details. One of the overlooked and yet very important details is what type of brush to use.

round boar bristle brush

The natural and gentle choice

Picking the right round hair brush is more important than you might think. There is a big difference in the outcome of using a rigid nylon brush and in using a round boar bristle brush. While both will give texture and ‘bounce’ to your hair the a boar bristle round brush will add more polish and natural shine. But even more important a round boar bristle brush is much more gentle and to your hair and also act as a natural condition your hair. In short a round boar bristle brush is often a better choice over the a more rigid nylon brush.

Heat is a stressing your hair

Dying your hair with a hair dryer makes it possible to shape the hair, but it is also a stress factor for the hair. One or the benefits of a natural bristle brush is that it is during more than just help shaping the hair. It also acts and a natural conditioner. A natural bristle hair brush can will collect the natural oil produced at the scalp and distribute it to the rest of the hair when you use it. In that way it provides care for your hair that can act as a counter weight for stress induces by the hair dryer.

Using a boar bristle round brush

How to use a round boar bristle hair brush

A natural bristle brush is a healthier choice for your hair, but it must be used a little differently that classic nylon brushes. Nylon brushes tends to hold on to the heat from the hair dryer better than brushes with natural hair. That makes it faster to form the hair in shape you desire. With boar bristle round brush you need to do everything a bit slower. Spend more time sliding the brush through the hair and over all do every move slower. You can add just as mush lift and vitality to as with a nylon brush if you take your time. The payoff fro the extra effort is a natural shine and a much healthier hair.

Choosing the right round brush

To chose the right brush there are two main factors to consider.

Size of the round hair brush

If you want big curls or just some swirl to your hair you should go for a large round brush. A lager brush is also a good option if your hair is naturally curly. In that case it will just bring life and vitality the hair type you already have.

If you have more straight hair you should go for a brush with a smaller diameter. It will shape your hair more and it will be needed if you do not have any natural curls.

Stiffness of the boar hairs

Round boar bristle brushes varies in how soft of rigid they are. The softer and thinner your own hair is the softer a hair brush you will need. So go for brushes with soft natural boar hairs if you own hair strands are thin and soft. If you have more thick or normal hair you should go for a brush with medium thick hairs. A boar bristle round brush of this type will treat your hair great and get the results that you want.

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