You might need a Natural bristle hair brush

Natural bristle hair brush light hairs

We all have our favorite hair care products. When we have found the ones that cares for our special type of hair just right, we tend to stick with our favorite shampoo and conditioner. Before we reach that point we will have tried and tested a bunch of different products. In other words we are very picky when it comes to hair care products. Yet when it comes to hair brushes we are fare less picky. For some reason many of us are satisfied with some cheap nylon hair brush from the local super marked. Now that might might not be the best idea. The hair brush you use will affect your hair almost as much as as those expensive and an organic hair care products, so why not get one that will care for your hair instead of damaging it like many cheap ones does. Using a natural bristle hair brush is one of the best ways to keep your hair strong and beautiful. They come in several different types but what they have in common is that they will care for your hair in a much gentle way than any other type of hair brush.

Using a bristle hair brush is a natural way to condition your hair

When we think of hair conditioners we mostly think of the thick fluids that promise to make our hair gorgeous, soft and shiny. We know that they work well, but did you know that your own body already produce a natural and very healthy hair conditioner? It is called sebum and it is an oil produced by the hair sacks at the scalp. A bristle hair brush was originally designed to take advantages of this natural conditioner and it gently add natural conditioning to your hair just by brushing it. The special structure of the boar bristle hairs used for hair bushes can carry the sebum and distribute to all of your hair while you brush it. So as much as uncluttering your hair a boar bristle brush will act as a healthy and natural conditioner. Before bottled conditioners was invented using Natural bristle hair brushes was the best and most common way to maintain a beautiful and healthy hair.

Some advantages of using a Natural bristle hair brush regularly

  • Acts as a natural conditioner
  • Improves hair texture
  • Makes the hair softer and less greasy
  • Makes traditional styling products less needed
  • Reduces the need for frequent washing

How to use a natural bristle brush

In the video below you can see a pretty neat trick that uses your own natural oil (you produce a little oil (sebum) in every hair sack and it is healthy!). When you use a bristle hair brush you will get far more of this natural and healthy oil distributed to your hair. It is your own natural hair strengthener.

Use the right hair brush for your hair type

For normal and fine hair

Natural bristle hair brush dark hair

For normal and fine hair you can use most of the boar bristle hair brushes available. Even though a normal plastic brush will do a good job, it will not provide the conditioning benefits that the Natural bristle hair brush provide. Look for a brush with natural boar hair that are not too soft. This kind of brush is will lift away dirt and debris from your hair and distribute the healthy natural oil produced at the scalp throughout your hair. It is a great ‘weapon’ to have in your beauty arsenal.

For thin or damaged hair

Natural bristle hair brush light hairs

If your hair is thinner or maybe damaged, then you want a brush with thinner and more caring hairs. The finer types of boar bristle hair brushes can be a bit more expensive as finer hair are being used but they are well worth it. The many and finer hairs have more surface all together and will carry more of the healing sebum. If you use a regular brush with very fine hair it can actually do more damage than good. Very fine hair need a very fine and soft brush. Picking a brush with natural fine boar hair is the perfect choice if you have fine and delicate hair.

Soft Boar Bristle Brush

For thick Hair

Round natural bristle hair brush light hairs

Thick hair can be a challenge for any brush and even though a natural bristle brush is great, it might not be up to the challenge on its own. If your hair is thick the bristle hair might just be too soft to straighten out the strands. Does this mean that you can not get the benefits from a natural bristle brush? No, you can get some great combi-brushes that combine the traditional nylon hair brush with the natural bristle hair brush. These brushes have both rigid nylon spikes and natural bristle boar hair. The nylon spikes will deal with the thick hair and the bristle boar hair surrounding the nylon spikes will provide the all the benefits of the natural brush. A combi-brush is a great if you have thicker hair and you realize that brush with natural hairs alone can’t do the job.

For Very thick hair

If you have very thick hair and think that a bristle brush just ain’t for you, then consider using both a traditional nylon brush and a boar bristle brush. Use the nylon brush first and then when the strands are straightened out switch to a bristle hair brush or a combi-brush. This way you will get all the conditioning benefits that the natural brush offers.

For short hair

A hair brush with natural boar hair are not just for persons with long hair. If you have shorter hair you will still benefit from the advantages of a bristle hair brush. Look for a brush with shorter hairs that are not to soft. The round types and be good and will last long.

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